10 Things To Do With Your Newborn

How-to-Care-for-a-Newborn-BabyEver wonder what to do with the precious bundle of joy in your care? It’s true: babies sleep and eat a lot. But they’re also awake for increasing amounts of time as the days and weeks unfold. The following list offers activities for infants and newborns as young as a day old all the way through about 6 months of age. Need some ideas to guide your day with baby? Pick a handful of the options below and enjoy! How many will you do?

Take a tour. Go from room to room. In each room, choose one item to show baby. Describe the item’s name, color, size, etc. When finished, move to another location.

Play with the light switch. Turn the light switch up and say,”On.” Flip the switch down and say, “Off.”

Read on your back. Lay baby down on her back on a blanket on the floor. Lie next to baby on your back. Hold books above yourself and read.

Take a bath. Even if it’s not bath time, entertain or relax baby with a warm bath.

Walk outside. It may be too hot or too cold, but even if you only walk 10 feet out your door, the change of temperature can invigorate you and baby.

Embrace the fourth trimester. Baby spent the first 9 months of life held in utero. Snuggle baby against your chest, allowing her to feel secure and relax. Snuggle for one minute; snuggle for one hour. Snuggle for as long as baby is happy!

Make an ice pack. Put some ice in a zipper bag. Place baby’s hand gently on pack and say “cold.” Of course, only keep baby’s hand on ice for a second or two!

Do baby massage. Strip down baby to diaper. Gently rub baby’s arms and legs.

Sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” A classic tune appropriate for babies even a few days old. Be sure to place your hand on baby’s body part as you sing about it.

Look in the mirror. Introduce baby to him or herself. Tired of looking in the bathroom or hall mirror? Grab a small hand-held mirror and let baby find herself.

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