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Camie Gontier, NYC mom to four-year-old Lucas and creator of CityGrips came up with a practical, affordable and stylish solution to solve a common stroller problem.

Today’s stroller grips become dirty and worn out over time. They are impossible to clean and difficult to replace.

”One very hot and humid summer day, as my hands were sweating… dirt and sweat were building up, layer after layer, on the stroller handlebars. Suddenly, I realized that when I reached for my son, I’d be passing him all those germs.

On my way home, I used the bottom of my t-shirt to push my son’s stroller. Then it hit me – I need a removable, washable cover for these grimy grips!”

Camie scoured the market to find something suitable with no success. Instead of giving up, she decided to make some for herself.   Before she knew it, requests were pouring in from other moms. Realizing the need for such a product, Camie decided to put her 15 years of product development back into action.

CityGrips Benefits & Features

CityGrips Benefits

  • Keep Hands Clean and Comfortable

    CityGrips ultra soft, absorbent material leaves hands clean and comfy even after long walks.

  • Prevent the Spread of Germs

    Simply machine wash and dry to keep from passing germs to your family.

  • Wash Away Dirt and Grime Build-Up

    CityGrips washable grips keep your hands clean from the dirt and grime that collects over time.

  • Protect Grips from Wear and Tear

    Traditional stroller handlebars tend to disintigrate over time. Using CityGrips protects your grips and keeps them looking like new.

  • Adds a Stylish Accent to Stroller

    Choose from many stylish patterns and stoll with the trendiest new accessory. Never again have to wonder which of 10 identical strollers is yours.

CityGrips Features

  • Fits All Stroller Handlebars

    CityGrips come in single and double bar styles to fit virtually any stroller.

  • Comes in Many Stylish Patterns

    Choose from a variety of stylish prints with new patterns introduced throughout the year.

  • Made from Plush, Durable Material

    CityGrips are available in jersey or terrycloth fabric. They are both soft to the touch and super tough.

  • Easy to Attach

    Simply slip on and fasten with CityGrips durable Velcro.

  • Machine Wash and Dry

    CityGrips sturdy material stands up to frequent washing and drying, making it easy to sanitize your grips as often as you like.