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NEW* CityBottleBag is the ideal stroller bottle holder that you can attach anywhere on your stroller. The non-slip straps keep the bottle holder in place anywhere you put it.
  • Universal stroller cup and bottle holder.
  • Two adjustable non-slip straps hold the bottle securely on the bar in any position.
  • Made of thick, high quality thermal neoprene. Will keep liquids cold or hot for 3 hours.
  • Adjustable drawstring secures the bottle inside the bag.
  • Easily machine-wash and dry.
  • Can fold down with stroller.

5 reviews for CityBottleBag

  1. Marrianne S.

    Definitely baby bottle partner during summer. love!

  2. ellie

    What I love about this is it keeps my baby’s drink cool. Perfect for the summer.

  3. Sandra

    I’ve been using this for my son’s juice and it’s wonderful. Lasts for hours even in this heat.

  4. Selma Ramirez

    This bottle holder is good because its foldable and I have never found something similar in the market. I had the hard plastic ones they come a little short and too wide for most bottles.

  5. Sandra

    Love this bottle holder…. definitely keeps water cool for hours.

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