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Cityhooks are the ideal stroller accessory to attach the soho citybag to a stroller, with the added benefit of hooking on anything else a parent might need.

  • Easy to attach velcro straps
  • Hooks swivel a full 360 degrees
  • No clipping makes it easy to slip bags on and off
  • Perfect for diaper bags, purses, grocery bags and much more
  • Multi-purpose: can be used on wheelchairs, car seats, cribs and more

6 reviews for CityHooks

  1. Rexxy

    These hooks are a must have’s attachment on every stroller. This made a shopping day an enjoyable one

  2. Judy

    Shopping now made easier having this on my stroller, Small but terrible. Love it!

  3. Lucy

    This hooks are every Mommy’s best friend.

  4. Kaitlyn Johnson

    If you have ever (tried) shopping with two kids and a basket that holds your diaper bag – you are going to love these. Shopping made easier and actually possible 😝

  5. Susan Grant

    I bought these because you can’t live without hanging stuff from your stroller and these are so cute, simple to put on and just all around perfect. I recommend these to everyone.

  6. Alex FLA

    Love these hooks!

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