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CityStroll2 is our new and improved 2-in-1 stroller organizer with a removable cross-body bag. You’ll never have to transfer your essentials again!

Stroller organizers are amazing stroller accessories that make carrying and accessing all your essentials easy, but up to now, transferring your belongings used to be a hassle. The detachable bag is practical, easy to use and is super cute!

  • Made of high quality thick waterproof nylon.
  • Two adjustable non-slip straps keep organizer securely in place anywhere on the stroller.
  • Handy mobile phone pocket right at your fingertips.
  • Large zipper pocket to keep belongings secure.
  • Two insulated bottle/cup holders.
  • Universal wipe dispenser pocket.
  • Adjustable shoulder bag strap.

Q. Will CityStroll fit my stroller.
A. CityStroll will fit any stroller. The adjustable large velcro straps can secure its self to any stroller frame in any position.

Q. What does slip proof straps mean?
A. We added a slip proof fabric to the velcro straps which allows you to place the organizer at any position on the stroller and it won’t move from that spot. This is a bonus for strollers with long bars and you want the organizer to stay closer to you instead of falling down.

Q. Does CityStroll swing or shake around?
A. CityStroll has to top straps and no bottom straps. We thought about adding bottom straps but to make it universal it was very difficult.
If the organizer has nothing to keep it in place such as the back of the seat or sun shade it’s true that it can swing a bit but we tried to design it so it wouldn’t. There will be a little swing but not a lot.

Q. Can I put a hot drink such as a Starbucks Coffee in the cup holder?
A. We don’t recommend that you do just in case it spills. Instead use a reusable thremous coffee cup with a flip lid. It’s safer and better for the environment and Starbucks is always happy to fill it up instead of using the disposable cups.
We wish there was a way to build a hydrauliclic system stroller organizer that keeps everything floating but it’s just not possible, trust us we tried….

Q. Is CityStroll Machine Washable?
A. YES, you can add CityStroll to your colored wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

5 reviews for CityStroll2

  1. Trixie Tan

    Such a brilliant creation! I can easily remove it from the stroller and transfer to another place like at the back of the carseat when we are traveling. So great

  2. AnneCu

    Having this was a brilliant purchased I have ever had. I no longer need to struggle finding my things with this very innovative creation. Thank you!!

  3. Macel Dy

    The wipe dispenser is pure genius! I will never struggle to find the wipes in my big baby bag incase of baby emergencies

  4. Katie Smyth

    the best 2 in 1 creation. I love the bag in the middle. When folding my stroller into the trunk, I put everything in the bag and put it a side. Love love it

  5. Chana Hurwitz

    Great innovative product. It holds all the essentials plus it has the special take along part that you can wear over your shoulder if you need to. Very practical and useful.

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